Bass Stuff








My main bass was made my Antonio Marconi in Veneto, Italy in 1872. It has a big dark sound that I just love. The bass used to have a machine C-extension, but I had it removed, for now. I've had this bass all of my adult life, I bought her the day after my 19th birthday.









This is my everyday working and traveling bass. It's a New Standard Cleveland. These basses are famous for their warm, wide sound, and it's very light! I can separate the neck and body and put them in a case for easier travel.



bowI have two bows, both German style. My main bow was made for me by my friend Sue Lipkins. It's an incredible bow, which lets me play anything I can imagine. Really special. My other bow is a German style bow by Lawrence Lamay, which I played on for 20 years until I got the Lipkins bow. I bought it from my teacher. I used to go to my lessons and have all kinds of problems getting my bow around the instrument. So I tried my teacher's bow, and WOW! Night and day. Eventually he decided to sell it to me. If you have this experience, it's time to get a better bow.

dpa 4099I'm not a pickup user. I haven't tried any that sound right for me. A big part of the sound of acoustic bass is the way the air moves around the instrument. I want to try to capture that. I use a DPA 4099 mounted on the bass, or an AKG C3000, mounted on a short mic stand with a boom.


bow standTo keep my bow handy while I'm playing, I use a bow stand I made myself, based on the design of one Ray Brown used many years ago. Instructions on how to make your own are here.